pony express rider in a sentence

  1. Names of Pony Express riders adorn the marble-faced walls.
  2. Pony Express riders traveled about 100 miles at any one time.
  3. Pony Express riders may even greet the Olympic train and trot along.
  4. Cody became one of his most famous Pony Express riders.
  5. Cody, legendary Pony Express rider and Indian scout.
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  7. There are steamboats, mules, pony express riders, Indians and settlers.
  8. Pony express riders will carry the torch across 365 miles of rugged Nebraska terrain.
  9. Each major city along the way celebrated as the Pony Express rider passed through.
  10. During his route of, a Pony Express rider would change horses 8 to 10 times.
  11. By mid August news telegraphed to San Francisco arrived two days before the Pony Express riders.
  12. The leather blanket cover was designed by Jay G . Kelley, another Pony Express rider.
  13. On commencing employment, a Pony Express rider was given one of the special edition Bibles.
  14. A Pony Express rider and a Native American exchange fire on the left side of the canvas.
  15. Just like with Pony Express riders . ?! carrots?! 00 : 43, 22 February 2012 ( UTC)
  16. Posters that advertised jobs for Pony Express riders asked for " young, wiry fellas _ orphans preferred,"
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