pony express record in a sentence

  1. Shudder to Think, " Pony Express Record"
  2. Springsteen and Pony Express Records had filed competing claims for copyright control.
  3. A federal judge in Newark issued the ruling in dismissing a lawsuit brought by Pony Express Records against Springsteen.
  4. Pony Express Records of Bloomfield claimed in a federal suit that it bought rights to several Springsteen songs recorded before his 1970s stardom.
  5. The allegation is in a counterclaim filed last month in federal court in response to a lawsuit filed by Pony Express Records Inc.
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  7. According to court documents, former Springsteen manager James Cretecos sold the rights to the songs to a company that granted Pony Express Records the licensing agreement.
  8. In addition to a full set by the Pony Express Record lineup of Wedren, Larson, Wade and Hill, earlier members Chris Matthews and Mike Russell performed on the encore.
  9. After breaking indie music tradition by signing with Epic Records ( Sony Music ), Shudder to Think released three major label albums including their opus " Pony Express Record ".
  10. Steven Hayes, a lawyer for Springsteen, said Pony Express Records is forbidden from selling any more copies of " Before the Fame, " either in the United States or abroad.
  11. The members of Shudder to Think, whose latest album, " Pony Express Record " ( Epic ), was released recently, have moved from their native Washington, D . C ., to New York.

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