pony cylinders in a sentence

  1. If the bailout cylinder is small, they may be called " pony cylinders ".
  2. The required pony cylinder capacity will depend on the profile for safe ascent to the surface required for a particular dive plan.
  3. Diving cylinders may also be specified by their application, as in bailout cylinders, stage cylinders, deco cylinders, sidemount cylinders, pony cylinders, suit inflation cylinders, etc.
  4. The amount of gas used was generally below 6 % of the gas consumption during the dive during US Navy trials and the use of small pony cylinders for inflation was considered adequate, but not necessary.
  5. The most popular being as a sling cylinder, a pony cylinder strapped to the primary back mounted cylinder, or in a small cylinder ( Spare air ) supported by a pocket attached to the buoyancy compensator.
  6. It's difficult to find pony cylinders in a sentence.

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