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  1. When charged, one tank holds another negative ion, polyiodide, I3 -.
  2. The polyiodide ions have much more complicated structures.
  3. The plastic sheets are coated with a transparent conductive material, and the emulsion is made up of microscopic polyiodide crystals, which absorb light strongly.
  4. Researchers announced a prototype, zinc-polyiodide flow battery with an energy density of 167 Wh / l ( watt-hours per liter ).
  5. Discrete polyiodides usually have a linear sequence of iodine atoms and iodide ions, and are described in terms of association between I 2, I  " and units, which reflects the origin of the polyiodide.
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  7. The zinc-polyiodide battery is claimed to be safer than other flow batteries given its absence of acidic electrolytes, nonflammability and operating range of that does not require extensive cooling circuitry, which would add weight and occupy space.

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