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  1. This type of adhesive includes urethanes, and polyimides.
  2. Polyimides and cyanate esters, on the other side, suffer from high water absorption.
  3. Polymerization is accomplished by a two-stage process due to the insolubility of polyimides.
  4. The cut of polyimides is, highest of all thermosets, with short term exposure capabilities of.
  5. Some polyimides, such as CP1 and CORIN XLS, are solvent-soluble and exhibit high optical clarity.
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  7. Dianhydrides, molecules containing two acid anhydride functions, are used to synthesize polyimides and sometimes polyesters and polyamides.
  8. Synthetic membranes are made from a variety of polymers including polyethylene, polyamides, polyimides, cellulose acetate, polysulphone and polydimethylsiloxan.
  9. Aromatic polyimides are synthesized by the reaction of dianhydrides with diamines, for example, pyromellitic anhydride with " p "-phenylenediamine.
  10. Polyamide-imides display a combination of properties from both polyamides and polyimides, such as high strength, melt processibility, exceptional high heat capability, and broad chemical resistance.
  11. Cyanate ester resin prepregs combine the high temperature stability of polyimides with the flame and fire resistance of phenolics and are used in the manufacture of aerospace structural composite components which meet fire protection regulations concerning flammability, smoke density and toxicity.
  12. Upilex-S, along with other polyimides Kapton HN and Kapton E, have been investigated by NASA with respect to their radiation durability for possible use in the Next Generation Space Telescope, where polymer film layer sunshields must operate at low temperatures and in the presence of cosmic rays.
  13. The foremost types of thermosetting polymers used in structural composites are : Benzoxazine resins, Bis-Maleimide resins ( BMI ), Cyanate ester resins, Epoxy ( Epoxide ) resins, Phenolic ( PF ) resins, Unsaturated Polyester ( UP ) resins, Polyimides, Polyurethane ( PUR ) resins, and Silicones.

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