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  1. The polyimide gives the foils their distinctive amber-gold color.
  2. Polyimide film, Nomex, and glassfibre are popular for this application.
  3. More recently also membranes based on polyimide have become available.
  4. Tapes based on polyimide films can resist molten solder in electronics applications.
  5. The sail is made of thin polyimide film, coated with evaporated aluminium.
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  7. The polyimide sheet had a mass of about 10 grams per square metre.
  8. The yellowish-brown polyimide gives the surface its gold-like color.
  9. This can also be a flex circuit made of copper and polyimide material.
  10. Thick polyimide can cover up the pinholes in the PECVD silicon nitride below.
  11. The nickel spiral is situated between two layers of thin polyimide film Kapton.
  12. Kapton is the trade name of polyimide from DuPont.
  13. The venture will supply polyimide materials, used for protective parts in semiconductor devices.
  14. The IKAROS solar sailing spacecraft uses polyimide resin sails to operate without rocket engines.
  15. A polyimide layer caps the whole absorber.
  16. Dupont's Hodgson said the market for polyimide materials may eventually reach $ 1 billion.
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