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  1. The compound has a polyhydroxylated ergostane-type nucleus.
  2. Polyhydroxylated aromatic inhibitors are mostly active against strand transfer reactions and 3-processing which suggests a mechanism that targets both steps.
  3. He has also made important contributions the synthesis of deoxyglycosides and polyhydroxylated natural products, and to the design and synthesis of inhibitors of cysteine proteases targeting important human pathogens ( e . g ., Trypanosoma, Plasmodium and Entamoeba species ).
  4. A conceptually related reaction at one time of interest to the pigment industry is the "'Bohn Schmidt reaction "'( 1889 ) involving the hydroxylation of " hydroxyantraquinone " with sulfuric acid and lead or selenium to a polyhydroxylated anthraquinone.
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