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  1. The policy direction in China seems to be one of opening up.
  2. The central bank's quarterly business survey often suggests the bank's policy direction.
  3. Mayor Stevens responded that the policy direction of the previous council was irrelevant.
  4. The Board of Directors manages policy direction for the organization as a whole.
  5. At stake is the direction of the country's legislative and public policy direction.
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  7. Third, in an age of polarized parity, a new policy direction is risky.
  8. Edlinger said the ECB should also keep ministers informed of monetary policy direction.
  9. Bandid summarised the policy directions that the Bank of Thailand should embark on.
  10. "It's very hard to suggest public-policy directions when you talk about nonstandard hours,"
  11. Malaysia's strengths, he said, is in its clear policy directions and political stability.
  12. During his term, he largely continued on Li's general policy direction.
  13. The changes in attitude and policy direction have been dramatic in both parties.
  14. This policy direction gives us the confidence to proceed with plans for Australia,
  15. Greenspan has used appearances before Congress to signal future changes in monetary policy direction.
  16. The Chuan government has found satisfactory harmony among its economic team and policy direction.
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