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  1. They say he makes policy decisions without consulting people he should consult.
  2. It was a policy decision that may or may not reduce vandalism.
  3. Such policy decisions used to be the province only of top administrators.
  4. In a representative democracy, public policy decisions cannot be made in secret.
  5. The structure of the curve may also be changed by policy decisions.
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  7. Republicans depicted every foreign policy decision as an attempt to distract voters.
  8. He has worked on perceptions and misperceptions in foreign policy decision making.
  9. No policy decisions were made during that time, the Fed document said.
  10. The responses are not used to guide intricate policy decisions, he said.
  11. The first section summarizes past policy decisions and their predicted economic impact.
  12. It is therefore premature to make policy decisions based on this data,
  13. At times informal structures can be very important in formulating policy decisions.
  14. The policy decision to allow Indian companies to issue GDRs was correct.
  15. Policy decisions are always exercises in the iffy math of social tradeoffs.
  16. The most important policy decision about Enron has already been made.
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