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  1. I suppose Joplin is a Pole who was educated in Paris.
  2. Temperatures at the poles can dip to 200 degrees below zero.
  3. Belle explained, his face as straight as a foul pole.
  4. They should have to use their own pole and tackle box,
  5. So I was hoping it ( the pole ) would happen.
  6. It's difficult to find pole in a sentence.
  7. Except that he was Catholic, like almost every other Pole.
  8. Or when retaining walls and light poles get in the way.
  9. I had nowhere to go at the half-mile pole,
  10. You pole over the flats here, looking for their tails,
  11. Santa's North Pole sites, available on the Web:
  12. Pole-vaulting requires speed, strength, agility and courage.
  13. World-class male vaulters typically use 17-foot poles.
  14. About 75, 000 other Poles also died at the camp.
  15. The bed was a matrix of poles covered with corn husks.
  16. On Sunday afternoon, Poles was finally allowed to call home.
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