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  1. Nicol prisms were once widely used in microscopy and Polaroid sheets and Glan Thompson prisms.
  2. In some materials, such as herapathite ( iodoquinine sulfate ) or Polaroid sheets, the effect is not strongly dependent on wavelength.
  3. Herapathite's dichroic properties came to the attention of Sir David Brewster, and were later used by Land in 1929 to construct the first type of Polaroid sheet polarizer.
  4. Since Polaroid sheet is dichroic, it will absorb impinging light of one plane of polarization, so sunglasses will reduce the partially polarized light reflected from level surfaces such as windows and sheets of water, for example.
  5. If the two axes are orthogonal, the polarizers are " crossed " and in theory no light is transmitted, though again practically speaking no polarizer is perfect and the transmission is not exactly zero ( for example, crossed Polaroid sheets appear slightly blue in colour ).
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