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  1. Pocker Sahib was the fifth University graduate and Second Advocate among Malabar Muslims.
  2. The pocker heater solves this problem by providing a separate environment for each material.
  3. "We talk furniture, furniture, furniture, " said firm president Robyn Pocker.
  4. Acids in chemically treated paper can leach into artwork and leave brown spots, Ms . Pocker said.
  5. J . Pocker & Son, the eminent frame shop, recently unveiled a line of painted frames imitating bamboo.
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  7. Pocker Gamer UK wrote " Detective Grimoire goes a long way towards involving you in a funny, wacky cartoon murder mystery.
  8. If asked to frame a botanical print of a hydrangea for a room filled with Biedermeier furniture, Ms . Pocker might use bird's-eye maple veneer with black trim.
  9. At J . Pocker & Son, a New York frame shop whose clients include interior designers like Keith Irvine and Thomas Fleming, the issue isn't necessarily the art.

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