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  1. The encoded regions become optically active due to the Pockels effect.
  2. These are the Pockels effect and Kerr effect, respectively.
  3. These are the Pockels effect and Kerr effects, respectively.
  4. Whether or not the material will exhibit Pockels effect depends on its symmetry.
  5. Where the relationship is linear, the effect is known as the Pockels effect.
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  7. Longitudinal Pockels cells need transparent or ring electrodes.
  8. This phenomenon is now called the Pockels effect.
  9. This is in contrast to Pockels cells, which can operate at much lower voltages.
  10. As a child, Pockels was interested in science, and would have liked to study physics.
  11. It typically contains one or two Pockels cells, and possibly additional optical elements such as polarizers.
  12. When this process is complete, a Pockels cell " switches " the light out of the cavity.
  13. In media that lack inversion symmetry, the Kerr effect is generally masked by the much stronger Pockels effect.
  14. A German woman and independent scientist, Agnes Pockels, wrote to Lord Rayleigh shortly after his publication in 1890.
  15. With the help of her kitchen sink, Agnes Pockels showed that area of films can be controlled with barriers.
  16. It was only through her younger brother, Friedrich Carl Alwin Pockels, that she gained access to scientific literature.
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