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  1. The encoded regions become optically active due to the Pockels effect.
  2. These are the Pockels effect and Kerr effect, respectively.
  3. These are the Pockels effect and Kerr effects, respectively.
  4. Whether or not the material will exhibit Pockels effect depends on its symmetry.
  5. Where the relationship is linear, the effect is known as the Pockels effect.
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  7. This phenomenon is now called the Pockels effect.
  8. In media that lack inversion symmetry, the Kerr effect is generally masked by the much stronger Pockels effect.
  9. The Kerr effect is still present, however, and in many cases can be detected independently of Pockels effect contributions.
  10. Friedrich, who then studied at the University of G鰐tingen, was a famous scientist himself; he is known for the Pockels effect.
  11. These are photoconductivity, first observed in selenium by Willoughby Smith in 1873, and the Pockels Effect, named after Friedrich Carl Alwin Pockels who studied it in 1893.
  12. It is possible to describe the Pockels effect mathematically by first introducing the index ellipsoid  a concept relating the orientation and relative magnitude of the material s refractive indices.
  13. The point group of a crystal, among other things, determines directional variation of the physical properties that arise from its structure, including birefringent, or whether it shows the Pockels effect.
  14. The principle of operation is based on the linear electro-optic effect ( the Pockels effect, the modification of the refractive index of a nonlinear crystal by an electric field in proportion to the field strength ).
  15. where \ chi ^ { ( m ) } \ ! is the magneto-optical susceptibility ( a nonlinear optical effect of magneto-optical parametric generation ( somewhat analogous to a Pockels effect whose strength is controlled by the applied magnetic field ).
  16. Since the field inside a parallel plate capacitor depends linearly on the potential, the index of refraction depends linearly on the field ( for crystals where Pockels effect dominates ), and the phase depends linearly on the index of refraction, the phase modulation must depend linearly on the potential applied to the EOM.
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