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  1. Longitudinal Pockels cells need transparent or ring electrodes.
  2. This is in contrast to Pockels cells, which can operate at much lower voltages.
  3. It typically contains one or two Pockels cells, and possibly additional optical elements such as polarizers.
  4. When this process is complete, a Pockels cell " switches " the light out of the cavity.
  5. Pulse trapping and dumping is done using a polarizer and a Pockels cell, which acts like a quarter wave-plate.
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  7. For a Pockels cell, it is usually hundreds or even thousands of volts, so that a high-voltage amplifier is required.
  8. A Pockels cell can thus be seen as a voltage-controlled waveplate, and it can be used for modulating the polarization state.
  9. Instead of using relatively slow-moving mechanical shutter curtains, electro-optic devices such as Pockels cells can be employed as shutters.
  10. A transverse Pockels cell consists of two crystals in opposite orientation, which together give a zero-order wave plate when the voltage is turned off.
  11. When the pulse will achieve a high amplification, a second voltage can be applied to the Pockels cell in order to release the pulse from the resonator.
  12. If a voltage is applied, then a double pass through the Pockels cell will not change the polarization and the pulse will get trapped inside the cavity of the resonator.
  13. When a pulse with vertical polarization is reflected off the polarizer, after a double pass through the Pockels cell it will become horizontally polarized and will be transmitted by the polarizer.
  14. If no voltage is applied to the Pockels cell, a double pass through it will change the polarization of the pulse to vertical, so the pulse will be reflected off the polarizer and will exit the cavity.
  15. The term electro-optics came into earlier use and specifically encompasses nonlinear electrical-optical interactions applied, e . g ., as bulk crystal modulators such as the Pockels cell, but also includes advanced imaging sensors typically used for surveillance by civilian or government organizations.

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