pocked in a sentence

"pocked" meaning  "pocked" in Chinese  
  1. Its shrapnel-pocked schools lack classroom supplies and heating oil.
  2. Afghanistan's mountains are pocked with thousands of natural caves.
  3. Much of his body is pocked with deep burns and lacerations.
  4. Pools of blood dotted the pocked, tree-lined road.
  5. The residential street was pocked with huge craters from the missiles.
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  7. Three other cars across the street were pocked with bullet holes.
  8. A crowd watched safely in a shell-pocked stadium.
  9. The American dream turned out to be pocked with nightmares.
  10. The pocked limestone blocks felt smooth from the wear of human palms.
  11. Some see staggering crime rates and pothole-pocked streets.
  12. They were skinny, their faces were pocked, they looked unhealthy.
  13. Now Kabul is pocked by ruins, and Kandahar is under attack.
  14. The walls were pocked from the force of the nuts and bolts.
  15. A police photo showed his buttocks pocked with puncture holes.
  16. Another picture shows a shoulder pocked like an orange peel.
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