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  1. Additionally DBMS independence is achieved through a pluggable driver model.
  2. The TI-58 and TI-59 also had pluggable ROM modules.
  3. In some cases, hot pluggable devices may be able to renegotiate their configuration.
  4. Solr 5.3 featured a built-in pluggable Authentication and Authorization framework.
  5. However, most often pluggable transceivers are used instead when appropriate equipment already exists.
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  7. In March 2009, Santur Corporation demonstrated a 100 Gigabit pluggable CFP transceiver prototype.
  8. The Voldemort distributed data store supports pluggable placement strategies for distribution across data centers.
  9. The TLS encryption system is pluggable, allowing different TLS libraries to be easily substituted.
  10. The only language designed with pluggable type system in mind from the beginning is Newspeak.
  11. It has a pluggable data store architecture
  12. Although 34 pluggable cards were used, there were only 12 different types of such cards.
  13. The RCA 501 utilized advanced manufacturing techniques such as pluggable card units or printed circuit boards.
  14. The 113 electronic tubes were mounted on 34 etched circuit pluggable cards which also contain associated components.
  15. Since at least XE8, DataSnap provides the possibility to enhance the transport layers through pluggable filters.
  16. Just a case of having a very sturdy casing with pluggable orifices and insulation for eyes etc.
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