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  1. The September 2006 AICC meeting included a Plugfest where vendors demonstrated PENS interoperability.
  2. In October 2014 a plugfest was held to test interoperability achieved with AES67.
  3. A second plugfest was conducted in November 2015.
  4. On May 2011, both organizations jointly announced the first open G . hn plugfest.
  5. The DASH7 Alliance manages test, plugfest, and certification program required for any product using DASH7 wireless technology.
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  7. In March 2010, the Femto Forum and ETSI conducted the first Plugfest to promote interoperability of the Iuh standard.
  8. The process by which Plugfest testing is performed is described here . Dates of upcoming PlugFests are available on the Consortium s website.
  9. Once a product is ready to submit, a vendor can choose to have its product tested at a PlugFest or an approved test house.
  10. A complete Open Source implementation, OSS-7, as well as industrial implementations enabled to create a certification lab and organize regular plugfest.
  11. In June 2011, four silicon vendors ( Lantiq, Marvell Semiconductor, Metanoia and Sigma Designs ) announced their participation in an open interoperability plugfest in Geneva, hosted by HomeGrid Forum, Broadband Forum and ITU.
  12. In March 2010, the company took part in the first Plugfest, organized by ETSI as part of its Plugtests program, held to demonstrate the effectiveness of the 3GPP femtocell standards in supporting interoperability between femtocell access points and network equipment from different vendors.

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