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  1. Also the computer runs slower when not pluged in.
  2. After a silver in 2007 the team was pluged with new riders : Hans Andersen and Chris Holder.
  3. But after I pluged in a GeForce2 MX 400, it run smoothly with 80 % CPU load.
  4. If working, it can power the laptop without battery, occasionaly does indeed fail to turn on after being pluged in.
  5. I just washed my hair, and pluged in blowdryer, being carefull not to get my hair tangled around it the plug.
  6. It's difficult to find pluged in a sentence.
  7. I pluged the regular landline telephone line into the back of the computer and sent a cover letter and it said that it was sent.
  8. Just asume that the information is pluged in to both articles .-- My Talk 00 : 38, 2 Apr 2005 ( UTC)
  9. With 2.4 kernel there were messages in / var / log / messages about what module / driver claimed a pluged in device or if it wasn't recognized by any.
  10. An IP address,, registered to SILANIS TECHNOLOGY has pluged the websites of that company in articles such as Digital signature, Electronic signature, and Digital signatures and law since August of this year.
  11. I forgot to mention-the brick part has a activity light which is on when it is pluged in ( I mean in wall ), if the problem was at the other end, the light would still be on and it is not.
  12. The peso closed at 3 pesos to the dollar, reversing a six-day slide and rebounding from 3.9 on Monday when the peso pluged 18 percent in the biggest one-day drop since a January devaluation released it from a one-to-one peg with dollar.
  13. :: : : : : With those templates, we should have Usability in mind : being user-friendly and easy to understand is more important than being " accurate " . " Media " may be a very technical word, and some users may not be aware that images are media ( some may think that " media " is the mass media, or the variety of hardware that may be pluged into the computer ) . " Images ", on the other hand, are a clear word that anyone can understand.

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