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  1. have a chart instructing him in that day's plugboard settings.
  2. The plugboard contributed more cryptographic strength than an extra rotor.
  3. Initially, the plugboard only swapped six pairs of letters.
  4. Keys were easily changed by changing the rotor disks and the plugboard wires.
  5. The plugboard allowed less specialized conditions to be imposed.
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  7. Line formatting was programmed by inserting wire jumpers into a plugboard control panel.
  8. Each letter on the plugboard had two jacks.
  9. They also did not know the plugboard settings.
  10. Other plugboards controlled card reading and punching, the printer and the console typewriter.
  11. By that time, the commercial Enigma had been extended to use a plugboard.
  12. Information to be printed could be placed in any sequence via plugboard control panel selections.
  13. In addition, ten leads were used on the plugboard leaving only six letters unsteckered.
  14. This was useful in working out plugboard settings when a possible solution was being examined.
  15. Those keys included the plugboard settings.
  16. Most military Enigmas also featured a plugboard ( German : " Steckerbrett " ).
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