plant pot in a sentence

"plant pot" meaning  "plant pot" in Chinese  
  1. It occasionally emerged from behind a curtain, within a plant pot, or elsewhere.
  2. She hesitates and then pours the contents into a plant pot.
  3. A plant pot was left on it, creating a white circle on the tile.
  4. In the living room, faux leather couches were overturned and plant pots were shattered.
  5. The site is now owned by Garden City Plastics who produce recycled plastic plant pots.
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  7. Maggie smashes an empty plant pot on Koko's head and knocks him briefly to the floor.
  8. However, Dee finds Susan's ring in a plant pot at Darcy's place and contacts the police.
  9. Cat tip : Plenty of owners complain about their cats using plant pots as litter boxes.
  10. As he walks away, she pours the remaining wine into a plant pot, which withers and dies.
  11. Many nurseries will plant pots for you.
  12. There are also plant pots or places where the player can build either plant turrets or Zombie bots.
  13. Finally moving the officer to the neighbour's garden, Pierce fakes her death as caused by a falling plant pot.
  14. A Roman stone coffin, suitable for a child, which was being used as a plant pot, was also discovered.
  15. It's changed a lot since those early days when plant pots were used as holes and garden canes as flags.
  16. Ivy knocks out Nick with a plant pot when he decides to throw it out, leaving in a green dress.
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