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  1. Plant population is the number of seeds planted in a given area.
  2. Invasive species make up the majority of the State's current plant population.
  3. _Do not buy souvenirs or mementos of threatened wildlife and plant populations.
  4. To increase this plants population size a natural regeneration has to occur.
  5. Where honeybee populations decline, there is also a decline in plant populations.
  6. It's difficult to find plant population in a sentence.
  7. For an optimal plant population a sowing density of is recommended.
  8. Kuska meticulously documented the plant population and jealously guarded the plant.
  9. A high plant population does not necessarily equal a high yield.
  10. This is a possible solution for other acidic soil plant populations
  11. Nevertheless, regardless of timing, seed predation has great implications for plant population dynamics.
  12. Of California's total plant population, 2, 153 species, subspecies, and varieties are taxonomies.
  13. He carried out experimental work on plant populations, plantations and fertilisation of trees.
  14. Geologically and topographically, plant populations in xeric climates are broken down into smaller groups.
  15. This concept does not refer to animal or plant populations.
  16. Parametric named-peril insurance linked to plant population, available for potato growers under contract farming.
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