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  1. As these darts were often treated with plant poison, they had to be carefully protected.
  2. In 1850, Jean Stas became the first person to successfully isolate plant poisons from human tissue.
  3. Trash cans have been removed from subway stations so no one can plant poison in them.
  4. Research work has been carried out on plant poisons, infectious and parasitic diseases, trace element deficiencies and metabolic disorders.
  5. Starting in 1954 when she began consulting for them, the Poison Control Center referred most plant poison calls to her.
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  7. It is based on traditional knowledge of plant poisons, some causing stomach ailments, physical pain, and intoxication, leading to death.
  8. The grosbeak, on the other hand, has adapted the ability an insensitivity to secondary plant poisons that allows it to ingest monarchs without vomiting.
  9. In one case, an American double agent was murdered by curarin, a plant poison, it said, while forensic experts concluded he died of a stroke.
  10. The woman in charge of Iraq's biological weapons program, Rihab Rashida Taha _ dubbed " Dr . Germ " by the press _ studied biology and plant poisons in Britain.
  11. The adulterated baby food, laced with a plant poison, has only been found at outlets in Pleidelsheim, about 20 kilometers ( 12 miles ) north of Stuttgart the spokeswoman said.
  12. Early on at Rothamsted she demonstrated her technical skills, improving the technique for growing plants in water culture and coming close to discovering the essential role of copper and zinc in plant nutrition, as detailed in her book " Inorganic Plant Poisons and Stimulents " ( 1914, revised 1927 ).
  13. The letters were signed off with the name " K . Muller, Stuttgart, " and were followed up by a telephone call from the suspected blackmailer Jan . 27, informing Nestle that he had laced Alete brand baby food pears with plant poison and had 40 packages delivered to retail outlets.
  14. With her signature last month, New Hampshire became the first state to clamp down on the big four power plant poisons : carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide ( the key to smog and the asthma epidemic ), sulfur dioxide ( the key to soot and acid rain ), and mercury ( a cause of birth defects and a known fish killer ).

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