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  1. He began teaching plant physiology at University of California, Riverside in 1960.
  2. At Vienna he founded the department of plant physiology ( 1873 ).
  3. His findings were published in last year in the journal Plant Physiology.
  4. She was on the Plant Physiology editorial board from 1987 to 1993.
  5. In plant physiology, the "'epicotyl "'is the embryonic shoot above the cotyledons.
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  7. It was a product of the disciplines of plant physiology and botany.
  8. For instance, they are used to measure chlorophyll fluorescence to investigate plant physiology.
  9. This area of plant morphology overlaps with plant physiology and ecology.
  10. Bose subsequently made a number of pioneering discoveries in plant physiology.
  11. In plant physiology, dormancy is a period of arrested plant growth.
  12. He also did important studies in the fields of plant physiology and phytogeography.
  13. The granite pedestal bears the inscription of'the curve of plant physiology'which Timiryazev elucidated.
  14. In the 1860s he studied plant physiology in several different aspects.
  15. In 1887, he authored the first Russian textbook on plant physiology.
  16. During the period from 1911 to 1916 she studied plant physiology, specifically transpiration.
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