planning a picnic in a sentence

"planning a picnic" in Chinese  
  1. What does this clause mean are the Councillors planning a picnic on the roadside?
  2. This is like asking why people look at a weather forecast : Why not just wait to see if it rains before planning a picnic?
  3. The former University of Texas All-American has more than a passing interest in the meteorological reports for eastern Georgia this week and not because he's planning a picnic.
  4. Another, a pilot whose plane plowed into the World Trade Center, was known for amiability in his placid Massachusetts community, where he was planning a picnic with his family this weekend.
  5. So if you are planning a picnic you might want to arrive early to get a table, or pack your provisions and head down a trail to a spot off the beaten path.
  6. It's difficult to find planning a picnic in a sentence.

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