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  1. Powell is planning a meeting here Thursday with Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi.
  2. Powell is planning a meeting here Thursday with Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi.
  3. Democratic senators were planning a meeting for today to discuss what they should do.
  4. Officials of the renamed Democratic Party of the Left were planning a meeting, his office said.
  5. I know that they are planning a meeting soon, but they are still working out the details,
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  7. Venue managers were planning a meeting Thursday.
  8. Q Is the President still planning a meeting with Mr . Yeltsin in the spring in Moscow?
  9. The embassy was planning a meeting Tuesday with Americans and non-Americans to discuss " current security issues ."
  10. Horse Chestnut will race next in the Donn, and Raffetto is planning a meeting with his trainer, Michael De Kock.
  11. In Boston, Cardinal Bernard F . Law is planning a meeting with local theologians next month to discuss the process.
  12. A Deutsche Telekom spokesman in Bonn refused to say whether the German company's directors were planning a meeting of their own.
  13. The group is planning a meeting of Iraqi dissidents abroad in an attempt to broaden its support, said its spokesman, Haroun Mohammed.
  14. Human rights organizations were planning a meeting Monday night and a rally Tuesday at the Freedom and Human Rights esplanade at Trocadero.
  15. McDyess never has met Denver's new coach, Mike D'Antoni, and could be planning a meeting when contact between players and teams is allowed.
  16. The Independent Manchester United Supporters'Association has publicly opposed the deal and was planning a meeting Tuesday night to vote on what action to take.
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