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  1. One such case involved a city planner of Paris named Haussman.
  2. That's what Houston financial planner Debra White Stephens does.
  3. Miami Lakes showed Lester as a top-notch land planner,
  4. That strategy is widely endorsed by financial planners for many consumers.
  5. A : Financial planners can be paid in a few ways.
  6. It's difficult to find planners in a sentence.
  7. The book is written by accountant and financial planner Larry Elkin.
  8. Planners are calling it a " science factory,"
  9. Institutional frameworks were in tatters, " the planner said.
  10. Helen Darling, a corporate benefits planner for Xerox, said.
  11. Planners are designing for up to 109 degrees near game time.
  12. And that, urban planners said, could fuel residential development.
  13. Best to check with your accountant or a financial aid planner.
  14. After consulting your planner, you will be ready to invest.
  15. Security planners use it extensively to plan access points and surveillance.
  16. Most financial planners who specialize in investing abide by those ideas.
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