plane tree in a sentence

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  1. The tree was described as a plane tree, similar to a sycamore.
  2. The previous boundary is marked by a wide arc of Plane trees.
  3. The communal garden is in size and contains plane trees and shrubs.
  4. A huge plane tree, similar to a sycamore, then fell on the tent.
  5. One of the London plane trees closest to the trade center was uprooted.
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  7. The main street, Melrose Street, is lined with beautiful plane trees.
  8. The narrow, curvy road passed through avenues of plane trees and tidy villages.
  9. Placed along the perimeter fencing are London Plane trees and Cedar of Lebanon.
  10. The name is from 18th-century French referencing the European plane tree.
  11. The park has rose-colored granite pavers indicating a winding path and London plane trees.
  12. A . Sycamore anthracnose, a fungus disease, affects American sycamore and London plane trees.
  13. At the banks of the streams there are plane trees, alders, poplars and willows.
  14. The main square, formerly called Lenin Square, features a pair of 700-year-old plane trees.
  15. Hundreds of plane trees were set along the pathways.
  16. The main streets were planted with London plane trees.
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