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  1. Let be a plane curve ( the precise technical assumptions are given below ).
  2. Compass and circular planes are used to plane curved surfaces.
  3. SierpiDski demonstrated that his carpet is a universal plane curve.
  4. The "'butterfly curve "'is a transcendental plane curve discovered by Temple H . Fay.
  5. The circle is the plane curve enclosing the maximum area for a given arc length.
  6. It's difficult to find plane curve in a sentence.
  7. In differential geometry and calculus, the angles between plane curves or space curves or derivative.
  8. Those of degree four are called quartic plane curves.
  9. Each convex plane curve has a centre of mass.
  10. B閦out's theorem implies that a plane curve with a bitangent must have degree at least 4.
  11. These, for planes sufficiently close to the tangent plane, intersect the surface to make convex plane curves.
  12. I am interested in plane curves only.
  13. The second generalized curvature is called "'torsion "'and measures the deviance of from being a plane curve.
  14. I realize the formula only holds if the plane curve does not cross the axis of rotation.
  15. Consider the affine plane curve defined by the equation y ^ 2 = x ^ 5 + 1.
  16. It starts with a plane curve, and repeatedly applies birational transformations to the plane to improve the curve.
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