planck force in a sentence

  1. Planck force is often useful in scientific calculations as a ratio of electromagnetic energy per gravitational length.
  2. It is Planck force only for the Planck mass ( approximately 2.18 & times; 10  " 8 kg ).
  3. As can be seen above, the gravitational attractive force of two bodies of 1 Planck mass each, set apart by 1 Planck length is 1 Planck force.
  4. The Planck force is also associated with the equivalence of gravitational potential energy and electromagnetic energy and in this context it can be understood as the force that confines a self-gravitating mass to half its Schwarzschild radius:
  5. The Planck force c 4 / G and the Planck power c 5 / G are unusual in that they don't depend on h, so you might expect them to have a meaning in non-quantum general relativity.
  6. It's difficult to find planck force in a sentence.

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