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  1. At " PlayStation " was overpowered and the possibility of a pitch pole in a yacht this size warranted the refit.
  2. The yachts are relatively small and can pitch pole end over end at high speed and are difficult to control in over 20 knots of wind.
  3. After 40 days at sea, having endured two tropical storms and a hurricane on the way, their boat was pitch poled by a 10 meter wave, leaving the men adrift 900 miles from landfall.
  4. The Pole ( or Unsworth Pole ) was named after the pitch pole fixed by the Earl of Derby which was greased each year for the village's pot fair which was last held over a century ago.
  5. The Prindle cats, initially 16-and 18-ft designs, were comparable to the Hobies but were remarkable for their resistance to " pearling " ( in surfer parlance ) or " pitch poling " ( in sailing vernacular ).
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