pitch point in a sentence

"pitch point" in Chinese  
  1. A "'normal plane "'is normal to a tooth surface at a pitch point, and perpendicular to the pitch plane.
  2. "' Profile radius of curvature "'is the radius of curvature of a tooth profile, usually at the pitch point or a point of contact.
  3. It is more precisely the angle at a pitch point between the line of pressure ( which is normal to the tooth surface ) and the plane tangent to the pitch surface.
  4. After 3 years of writing, " Six Acts " was presented at the Jerusalem Film Festival Pitch Point 2010, where it won a Jury's special mention.
  5. Because of the fixed pitch length, the pitch line of the link cuts across the chord between two pitch points on the sprocket, remaining in this position relative to the sprocket until the link exits the sprocket.
  6. It's difficult to find pitch point in a sentence.
  7. The "'profile angle "'of a gear is the angle at a specified pitch point between a line tangent to a tooth surface and the line normal to the pitch surface ( which is a radial line of a pitch circle ).

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