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  1. Olympic Pipe Line officials could not be reached for comment Wednesday night.
  2. The Peace Pipe Line had two major supplies to Fox Creek, Alberta.
  3. The deep collectors may consist of open ditches or buried pipe lines.
  4. Peace Pipe Line was sold to Pembina Corporation on October 31, 1991.
  5. Kaneb Pipe Line Partners, Dallas, 2 . 3 million limited partnership units.
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  7. It was expected to be sent by overnight mail to Olympic Pipe Line.
  8. The local people call the pipe lines as Xui Ham Tong.
  9. She worked in Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co .'s accounting department.
  10. Umuakpu has its own water pipe line, electrification and telephone system.
  11. The port is fitted with oil pipe line for tankers.
  12. It also owns 50 percent of Foothills Pipe Lines Co.
  13. Private customers could also have piped lines to their houses.
  14. Kaneb Pipe Line Partners, Dallas, 2.3 million limited partnership units.
  15. MIDC has also provided the water supply distribution pipe lines.
  16. Lakehead Pipe Line Partners LP led the list of decliners.
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