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  1. Van Wormer said water piped in from nearby artesian wells is pure.
  2. It also ordered safety checks of gas pipes in other large cities.
  3. Water pipes in Palestinian areas are old, and reservoirs are virtually nonexistent.
  4. One of them looked like he had a pipe in his head.
  5. The statue was stored in a storehouse for plumbing pipes in Senjak.
  6. It's difficult to find pipe in in a sentence.
  7. I may have overlooked some that are piped in the article etc.
  8. -- Check pipes in the crawl space for signs of mud tunnels.
  9. Forget Colonel Mustard with his dinky old lead pipe in the library.
  10. Two bass pipes in the middle are tuned a thirds from them.
  11. You might as well put a crack pipe in their mouth,
  12. There were 15 crack pipes in the room, according to police.
  13. Water from a lake 250km away is piped in to irrigate the land.
  14. These towers were large columns with smaller pipes in the middle.
  15. Water comes from a pipe in the middle of the shack.
  16. In fact, redirects are better than pipes in almost all circumstances.
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