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  1. An unconfirmed report from TV Channel 7 cited Secretary-General of the Parliament Paisit Pipattanakul as saying the lists were already in the king's hands.
  2. Prasertphan Pipattanakul, secretary-general of the Agriculture Land Reform Office, said in an interview Wednesday that he signed orders Tuesday canceling the deeds of the four residents of the island resort town of Phuket.
  3. House of Representatives Secretary-General Paisit Pipattanakul, who serves as secretary to the tribunal, said the ruling had no retroactive effect on Supreme Court Vice President Amporn Thongprayoon, who had been rejected by the Senate.
  4. The name of the candidate commanding the most support in the House of Representatives was forwarded to the Royal Palace Saturday for the pro forma but constitutionally necessary approval of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Parliament Secretary-General Paisit Pipattanakul said.
  5. Senatorial whips Tuesday said they were satisfied with explanations by representatives from the Finance Ministry on the need to issue the decrees . " Maybe Thirayuth has not listened enough, " said Paisit Pipattanakul, Parliament's secretary-general and one of the whips.
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