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"pipas" in Chinese  
  1. Pipas declined to comment on the furloughs reported by the union.
  2. In 663 another lord of Pipa'was killed by Pakal.
  3. Pipa Math, a monastery in Dw鉹k? honours his memory.
  4. We have no information that SOPA / PIPA are actually dead.
  5. But, SOPA and PIPA are symptoms of a larger issue.
  6. It's difficult to find pipas in a sentence.
  7. Another Pipa'lord was said to have died in 663.
  8. The PIPA tournament series are featured in equestrian and sports media.
  9. She was nominated for the PIPA Prize in 2010 and 2016.
  10. George Pipas, the manager of sales analysis at Ford, said.
  11. Leasing at Ford is also down by that much, Pipas said.
  12. Ford sales analyst George Pipas attributed those performances to increased fleet sales.
  13. Duan Anjie related many anecdotes associated with " pipa ".
  14. The huckster is actually the jade pipa spirit in disguise.
  15. Pipa is the recycling container version at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
  16. The narrative then shifts to Mariamu's husband Pipa.
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