piggy bank in a sentence

"piggy bank" meaning  "piggy bank" in Chinese  
  1. They sell the piggy banks to a pawnbroker for 25 cents each.
  2. A piggy bank is not broken as long as it is empty.
  3. My 10-year-old has turned in her piggy bank for an ATM card.
  4. Pennies can be kept on dressers, in jars or in piggy banks.
  5. The players alternate in choosing from a set of ten piggy banks.
  6. It's difficult to find piggy bank in a sentence.
  7. We need more people to carry their piggy banks to the bank.
  8. When Jenny appears with her piggy bank, Sykes kidnaps the little girl.
  9. Along with pots, the women also make vases, piggy banks and lamps.
  10. What parents do understand is Pokemon's ability to bleed a piggy bank dry.
  11. This is no small matter, no tempest in a piggy bank.
  12. He has a piggy bank that must be cracked open every few days.
  13. Then they buy Yonggary piggy banks, caps, T-shirts and even underwear.
  14. Thinkaway Toys has created Star Wars piggy banks that feature ani matronic technology.
  15. The couple viewed the station as a personal " piggy bank,"
  16. Stores urged customers to break open piggy banks and bring in the contents.
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