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  1. Patrick Nuttgens was raised in Piggotts Hill, near High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.
  2. A photograph from 1908 showed sixteen stones as part of the monument, a number that was again recorded by the Piggotts in 1938.
  3. "' Saint George "'is a Osbourn, Piggotts, New Winthorpes, Picadilly, Gunthorpes, Sea View Farm and Paynters.
  4. It is located in the north of the island, to the east of the capital, St . John's and southwest of Piggotts.
  5. Commenting on the site in 1939, the Piggotts opined that ten stones in the eastern half of the ring were likely in their original position.
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  7. A single sarsen stone was located on the southeast of the ditch, which the Piggotts suggested may have been the last surviving stone in a circle.
  8. A further three sarsen stones were located 90 feet to the south of the circle, but their relation to it was deemed " problematic " by the Piggotts.
  9. Jozef remarried and had eight more children, the eldest of whom was named Joseph Ambrose and is also a stained glass designer, still living and working at Piggotts Hill.
  10. He claimed that he could discern the existence of a tenth stone, although on visiting the site in 1936, the Piggotts noted that they could find no evidence of this.
  11. Also, some descriptions of the removal of artefacts in the chamber do not tally with the evidence of photographs taken during the excavations : the whetstone was half upright, and was left semi exposed for some time, not as described in pages 163-5 : and the purse lid was carefully cleaned down among the other gold items in the surrounding assemblage, and their relationships elucidated by the Piggotts, not " prised out " as described on pages 150-1.

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