pickaxes in a sentence

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  1. Haiti definitely needs a lot of trucks, pickaxes, shovels.
  2. Pickaxes and crowbars were required to dig out roots and rocks.
  3. She ( Tucker ) murdered two innocent people with a pickax.
  4. She had been convicted of murdering a man with a pickax.
  5. It was the people who supplied pickaxes, shovels and pans.
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  7. We were literally working with our hands and shovels and pickaxes.
  8. Army and police rescue workers moved in with shovels and pickaxes.
  9. Tucker grabbed a pickax that Dean had stashed by his front door.
  10. Karla Faye Tucker-- pickax killer or born-again Christian?
  11. Deborah Thornton's pickax wounds have healed by now.
  12. Others live in ice tunnels gouged out with a pickax.
  13. This is where pickax murderer Karla Faye Tucker was sentenced to die.
  14. Men used pickaxes to pry a cistern from its foundation.
  15. The work would have been done using pickaxes, shovels and wheelbarrows.
  16. It does, however, come equipped with its own shovel and pickax.
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