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  1. Cold cathodes may also emit electrons by photoelectric emission.
  2. "' LeRoy W . Apker "'( June 11, 1915  July 5, 1970 ) was an photoelectric emission of electrons from semiconductors and discovered the phenomenon of exciton-induced photoemission in potassium iodide.
  3. The physical essence of the difference is usually that photoelectric emission separates the charges by ballistic conduction and photovoltaic emission separates them by diffusion, but one should note that some " hot carrier " photovoltaic device concepts blur even this line of distinction.
  4. *PCT / GB2013 / 050427 A measurement apparatus for surface analysis carried out in a gaseous environment such as air comprises a measurement device capable of measuring a contact potential difference between a probe and a surface, and a light source that triggers photoelectric emission from a sample.
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