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  1. :I think you are confusing the photovoltaic effect with the photoelectric effect.
  2. In 1905, Albert Einstein published the theory of the photoelectric effect.
  3. From 1885 to 1889 in Padua, he studied the photoelectric effect.
  4. :Einstein's explanation of the photoelectric effect is the classic, original proof.
  5. 300mm telescope for observation on binary stars and photoelectric effects of variable stars.
  6. It's difficult to find photoelectric effect in a sentence.
  7. The internal conversion process should not be confused with the similar photoelectric effect.
  8. A "'digicon detector "'is a spatially resolved light detector using the photoelectric effect directly.
  9. The photovoltaic effect is closely related to the photoelectric effect.
  10. OK-but we can use the photoelectric effect to build a detector for single photons.
  11. In 1930 Perucca turned his attention to the photoelectric effect.
  12. Obviously this is false, since the photoelectric effect is essentially impossible to understand without quantization.
  13. Einstein in 1905 explained of the photoelectric effect; a particle description of light as photons.
  14. The photocathode emits at most one electron for each arriving photon by the photoelectric effect.
  15. The most important interaction mechanisms are the photoelectric effect, the Compton effect, and pair production.
  16. A solar photovoltaic power plant converts sunlight into direct current electricity using the photoelectric effect.
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