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  1. Illinois physics professor Jakob Kunz suggested that Stebbins try a photoelectric cell.
  2. :Photoelectric cells individually have a wavelength at which they are most efficient.
  3. The transformer includes a timer or photoelectric cell to activate the lights.
  4. The light pen itself had a small photoelectric cell in its tip.
  5. The development of the photoelectric cell by Jakob Kunz revolutionized astronomical photometry.
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  7. It is automatic and electric, its light controlled by photoelectric cells.
  8. Kunz had been doing experimentation on an improved photoelectric cell which was alkali based.
  9. The transmitter projects an array of parallel photoelectric cells.
  10. Besides, I'm not aware of anything like a photoelectric cell that works on infrared wavelengths.
  11. Cobb's Sunmobile model had 12 selenium photoelectric cells on top of a balsa wood body.
  12. When the photoelectric cell was detecting a bright spot, the neon lamp would be bright.
  13. To achieve adequate sensitivity, instead of a single cell, a number of photoelectric cells were used.
  14. Outdoors, use photoelectric cells that turn lights off automatically at dawn and on again at dusk.
  15. The television receiver would use the output of the photoelectric cell to drive a neon lamp.
  16. United Cinephone also manufactured many of its own products using photoelectric cells and vacuum tube control systems.
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