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  1. This can be utilized in the determination of stresses in structures using photoelasticity.
  2. Stress from mounting can introduce aberration in the light reflected from a mirror, or photoelasticity inside a lens.
  3. Through this practice he discovered photoelasticity, which is a means of determining the stress distribution within physical structures.
  4. The polarization of the photoluminescence is related to the strain in a material by way of the given material's photoelasticity tensor.
  5. This led to the development of dynamic photoelasticity, which has contributed greatly to the study of complex phenomena such as fracture of materials.
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  7. Polivka performed the photoelasticity for the Podolsko Bridge is an arch bridge that spans the Vltava between Podolsko and Temeav醨 in P韘ek District, Czech Republic.
  8. A comparison ( using transmission photoelasticity ) between the stress diffusion in an elastic body ( on the left ) and a model of masonry ( on the right ).
  9. Because of the transparency of glass, the internal stress within these objects can be demonstrated by viewing them through filters, a technique used in the study of photoelasticity.
  10. The working principle of two-dimensional photoelasticity allows the measurement of retardation, which can be converted to the difference between the first and second principal stress and their orientation.
  11. Sometimes the change in state of polarization depends on wavelength, which gives the startling colours and patterns seen in plastics between crossed polarizers ( see photoelasticity ), or car windscreens illuminated by partially polarized skylight and viewed through polarizing sunglasses.
  12. "' Robert P . Behringer "'( born October 26, 1948 ) is an American physicist based at Duke University, whose research first dealt with Critical phenomena and transport properties in fluid helium, such as Rayleigh-B閚ard convection, and since 1986 has been involved with granular material, where his most notable achievements have been in the development of the technique of photoelasticity to study spatio-temporal fluctuations.

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