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  1. Another clinical study is testing a technique called photodynamic therapy.
  2. These aggregates are photoinactive, thus compromising the photodynamic efficacy of NCs.
  3. Photodynamic therapy seems particularly effective in treating areas with multiple AK lesions.
  4. A recent study illustrates the application of a logic gate for photodynamic therapy.
  5. Laser treatment or photodynamic therapy or other evolving therapies may prevent this complication.
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  7. Still, PUVA therapy is often classified as a separate technique from photodynamic therapy.
  8. He also sold Ritter's photodynamic medicines.
  9. This strategy is based on a strong platform of intellectual property in photodynamic therapy.
  10. Photodynamic therapy is a novel treatment that utilitizes light activated molecules to treat the tumor.
  11. Photodynamic therapy has potential for a noninvasive procedure for dealing with diseases, growth and tumors.
  12. In porphyrin systems, the zinc ion appears to hinder the photodynamic activity of the compound.
  13. Photodynamic therapy is gaining in popularity.
  14. Other innovations include harnessing sunlight for space communications and meteorological information; controlling photodynamic cancer therapy.
  15. It has also been tested for use in photoangioplasty ( photodynamic treatment of diseased arteries ).
  16. Because of their photosensitivity, chlorins are in active use as photosensitizing agents in experimental photodynamic therapy.
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