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  1. The variation in the emission is actually measured with a photodiode.
  2. It is this beat frequency that is detected on the photodiode.
  3. The spectral response of a GaInAs photodiode is shown in Figure 5.
  4. Additional aerosol information is provided by a discrete photodiode at 1550 nm.
  5. A photodiode is designed to operate in reverse bias.
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  7. Virtually all photovoltaic devices are some type of photodiode.
  8. A bandwidth well in excess of 1 GHz can be achieved with photodiode detectors.
  9. This gives us a measure of phase difference as an intensity on the photodiode.
  10. Reflections and distortions of the laser s beam are picked up by a photodiode.
  11. This beat frequency, detectable with a photodiode, is the carrier envelope offset frequency.
  12. In an avalanche photodiode the original charge carrier is created by the absorption of a photon.
  13. Since the reset transistor is planar fabrication techniques, each photodiode having its own 3T circuit.
  14. Other systems connect the spindle to a stroboscope, which alternates light and dark upon a photodiode.
  15. A photodiode at the other end of the tube detects the changes of brightness from the light.
  16. The absorption of the probe beam is recorded on a photodiode for various frequencies of the beams.
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