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  1. He hacks into the phone system causing chaos on the trading floor.
  2. The product line also includes computers and phone systems for military application.
  3. Suddenly people with computers could have very elaborate phone systems at home,
  4. The hospital recently replaced its entire phone system for $ 200, 000.
  5. Mateer rejects the argument that such a phone system would restrict freedom.
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  7. The professor whips up a phone system in less than two minutes.
  8. Never mind that the local phone systems are often quite primitive.
  9. The fastest regular modems already push the physical limits of the phone system.
  10. Is it any more friendly to terrorists than the phone system?
  11. The ruling likely will delay urgently needed modernization of the Czech phone system.
  12. Satellite phone systems can be accomplished by a number of means.
  13. He said the phone system in Onslow was out of operation.
  14. We can handle hundreds of transactions simultaneously under the new automated phone system.
  15. The towers began collapsing and phone systems across southern New York started jamming.
  16. For businesses, the technology offers some benefits over older phone systems.
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