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  1. Alatas served as chairman of the Presidential Advisory Council ( " Dewan Pertimbangan Presiden " ) in the Yudhoyono Administration.
  2. Bandem was also member of Badan Pertimbangan Pendidikan Nasional ( Advisory Board of National Education ), an organization pertaining national education under the direct supervision of the President of Republic Indonesia.
  3. In 1959 she was appointed a member of the Indonesian National Advisory Council ( " Dewan Pertimbangan Agung " ), a position she held until her death in Jakarta in 1965.
  4. Johannes was the rector of Universitas Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta ( 1961 1966 ), Coordinator for Higher Education from 1966 to 1979, a member of Indonesia s Presidential Supreme Advisory Council ( " Dewan Pertimbangan Agung " or DPA ) from 1968 to 1978, and the Minister for Public Works and Energy ( 1950 1951 ).
  5. In addition to the above objectives, APEKSI also aims to promote the interests of members of the Dewan Pertimbangan Otonomi Daerah ( DOPD ) or Regional Autonomy Advisory Council immortalized in order to accelerate the increase in the welfare of society through democracy, participation, justice, and equality that takes into account the potential and diversity of the regions.
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  7. Say was appointed as the member of The Supreme Advisory Council of the Republic of Indonesia ( Indonesian : Dewan Pertimbangan Agung Republik Indonesia, abbreviated as DPA ) in 1973-1976, and in 1988-1993 for the second time he was appointed as a member of The Supreme Advisory Council of the Republic of Indonesia as The Vice Chairman in-charge of the political affairs.

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