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  1. CA Vencemos Pertigalete said it will sell 2 billion bolivars ( US $ 4.20 million ) worth of three-year notes.
  2. Vencemos Pertigalete, a wholly owned unit of Venezolana de Cementos SACA, said the notes, which go on sale Wednesday, will offer a yield equal to 112 percent of the average yield of three preceding commercial paper offers.
  3. Vencemos had plants in Barquisimeto, Maracaibo, Pertigalete, Macuro and Catia La Mar . Also, in the following years he conformed " Protinal ", dedicated to the production of animal feed which later became the pioneer in the development of poultry as a low cost substitute for protein; " Venezolana de Pinturas " and " Venezolana de Pulpa y Papel ".
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