pertain in a sentence

"pertain" meaning  "pertain" in Chinese  
  1. However, that only pertains to those who can take advantage.
  2. Our order in this case pertains to some very special facts,
  3. Her attorneys have said none of the documents pertain to Jones.
  4. NIR pertains to GIR, less short-term external debt.
  5. They do not pertain to contacts between us and our neighbors.
  6. It's difficult to find pertain in a sentence.
  7. A three-year statute of limitations pertains to copyright infringements.
  8. Perhaps he has just one as it pertains to this visit.
  9. This doesn't pertain to my professional activities ."
  10. A fourth and last group of articles pertains to judicial issues.
  11. Again, this only pertains to an insolvent broker or dealer.
  12. This drawback does not pertain to custom face-frame cabinets.
  13. Analyzing marriage markets as they pertain to marriage has several benefits.
  14. In some cases, a reaction can pertain to both categories.
  15. Personal or private revelations pertains to that person's life.
  16. I do not see how it pertains to the current discussion.
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