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  1. Then he says he lost his teeth because of periodontal disease.
  2. Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection of the gums and teeth.
  3. Diabetics must be meticulous with their homecare to control periodontal disease.
  4. The main reasons for tooth loss are decay or periodontal disease.
  5. This is often accomplished with the use of a periodontal probe.
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  7. However, the damage caused by periodontal disease never heals completely.
  8. Periodontal pockets occur when gum disease makes pockets around the teeth.
  9. Another potential cause occurs when a periodontal pocket is scaled incompletely.
  10. She had periodontal disease, he said, and no dental insurance.
  11. _Any infection, including periodontal infection, can impair fetal growth.
  12. Periodontal disease was not understood, and decay was rampant.
  13. Few people are resistant to periodontal diseases but they have varying resistance.
  14. Remember, both dental caries and periodontal diseases are diseases of choice.
  15. Heart disease and periodontal disease are both especially common among the poor.
  16. The cornerstone of successful periodontal treatment starts with establishing excellent oral hygiene.
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